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随着世界工业经济的发展、人口?#26408;?#22686;、人类欲望的无限上升和生产生活方式的无节制,生态环境面临越来越?#29616;?#30340;问题。 生命源于自然,健康来自环保。"不破坏环境就是对生态环境最好、最聪明、成本最低的保护。"


As the development of global industry,rapid increasing of population,infinite rise of human desire and immoderate porduction and life style,and the ecological environment is facing more and more serious problems. Life derives from nature , environment secure health . " Not to pollute environment is the best,smartest and least cost way to protect the ecological environment."
Furniture that of the similar styles, material all use plate, but much difference in environmental portection levels,not only how much formaldehyde contains in plate,but also the plate utilizatlin rate,the porducing porcedure also affect the environmental value of the final complete product. Besides, the resource utilization during production is closely related to the production cost. According to the mass production methods , assume 5 plates can produce a side cabinet in average , then if operate by computer numerical control , can porbably porduce an extra corner cabinet from the material that porduce 10 side cabinets.Scientific porductive technology can help to use raw naterial much more efficiently.
What you see is the final complete product,however,if the packaging and transportation are eco - friendly also very important to us. Reasonable arrangement , can save the cost, which is also a contribution to environmental protection. SOMO's environmental concept is mutual help between humam an nature,to build a harmonious environment.